Weekly Summary: Week 12

This week was a lot of fun creating tutorials, doing remixes, and completing the mashup assignments. It really helped with my creativity. My most difficult assignment this week was an assignment called Animoji Karaoke where you sing or lip sing your favorite song using Apple’s Animoji. It was difficult because it was hard to get the music to play in the background while lip singing my favorite song, but eventually resolved that by just having a stereo play the music in the background while I recorded the video. However, it was not that hard, and it was a lot of fun. Looking forward, I am eager to see how this semester quickly comes to an end with final projects starting next week. Below is all of my media from this week.


Remix Assignment 1:

What makes a sidekick?

Goldfish with short memories.

That does not sound right.

Remix Assignment 2:

Mashup Assignment 1:

Mashup Assignment 2:

Daily Creates:


“You did a great job really great job with this assignment. I really like Harry Potter too!” – Kollin Carter


“I love your mashup; this looks and sounds very cool!” – Kollin Carter


“I did this assignment too. I like this song a lot too, and I thought you did really awesome job with it!” – Kollin Carter


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