Weekly Summary: Week 11

This week was a lot of fun getting to do some more video assignments. My most difficult assignment this week was an assignment I did called The Recursive Camera because of all of the work I had to do with Prezi, and I don’t use Prezi that much, but it wasn’t that hard. Overall, this week had a lot to offer and I’ll be happy to see how the semester soon comes to an end over these last several weeks. Below is all of my media from this week.

Ideas Part 2:

Assignment 1:

Assignment 2:

Daily Creates:


“I like the complex design of your tessellation; its a lot better than mine.” – Kollin Carter


“I really like what you created; your stop motion video is great.” – Kollin Carter


“That is a really unique looking gas station; It looks like a piece of art.” – Kollin Carter


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