Final Project, Final Summary, and Weekly Summary: Week 14

This last week was great working on my final project. Luckily, I planned and was able to finish it early and before Thanksgiving break. It has been a great pleasure being a part of this class this semester. I have learned so much, have grown so much, and I have greatly expanded my creative side. Overall, this class was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed, and this was a great class to have in my final semester here at UMW. At last, below is my final project accompanied by my final summary. Enjoy!

Final Summary:

My final project is called The Change of Music (1980-2019) where I showed the change of music from the 80s to today by fading music tracks, from the 80s all the way to today, in and out accompanied by videos and images to compliment the music, all wrapped up in a 25 minute video. The particular music tracks I used can be found in my blog post from last week right here. I faded them in and out using Audacity. Then, once I was done with all of the audio portion (music), I looked for an image or video to accompany each and every song. It was hard to find one for each, but I just tried to find something to compliment or represent each song in some way, whether it was just a fun picture or video, or a picture or video that reflects the meaning of the song’s lyrics. Once I found all of those, I compiled it all into a video, added transitions, titles, and credits using iMovie. However, for my credits, I typed them up in Microsoft Word first and then copied them into the credit frame in iMovie because it hard to type into the credits frame in iMovie. And that completes how I created the final product above. In terms of reflection, this project was great because I love music. The cool thing about music is that it changes but always in a sense stays the same. In the 80s, music was very techno based, and now it has grown and changed to the kind of music that is created today that we listen to. However, it has and always will stay the same. The outside packaging maybe different, but the inside or purpose and meaning of music will always be the same. The change of music is not what matters, what matters is that music brings people together, makes them feel emotion, connects with people on the inside, inspires people, and the list goes on and on. That was the whole purpose of this project, to show that music can change, but its intrinsic value will always be the same. Thank you for a great final semester, and I hope you enjoyed watching my video for my final project.

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