The 80s Has Something To Say About Change

I chose to read I link, therefore I am, and then I watched Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories and The Machine is Us/sing Us. After reading and watching these, what I got out it was that hypertext is storytelling in a way that connects people to one another, sparks collaboration, and shares each other’s ideas with each other. This is how digital storytelling is different in that is connects people to each other instantly. It opens people up and sparks curiosity. This idea relates to the structures of stories as well in that in every story, there is a conflict, and that conflict is what makes the story relatable. Everyone always has conflicts in their life, and when someone sees a conflict in a story that is similar to a conflict in their life, it relates to them. While all of these things are possible with traditional storytelling, digital storytelling takes everything to a whole another level, instead of connecting with people in your community, it allows people to connect with people globally who can also relate to the story. That connects you with them and them with you. The point is that hypertext digital storytelling is no so much different from traditional storytelling as it is an advancement in storytelling all together.

Karate Kid GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
The Karate Kid

The theme related story I chose was The Karate Kid gif and this represents all of what this movie is about. It represents overcoming the conflict of standing up to bullies and standing up for yourself. I like this because I like what this story stands for. This conflict relates to people, and then connects those people together through the digital world. Similar to other works from the 80s, it represents growth, change, and striving to be the best version of yourself, and this represents all of what the 80s where about. This communicates to us to never stop growing, and always strive to be your best self. I like this because I like what this story stands for. On a last note, this is a great example because it’s so short but elicits so much information, links to so many different things, and connects people in so many different ways.


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