9 to 5 Movie Scene Analysis

I did my video essay on a scene from the 80s movie 9 to 5 to go along with the 80s theme and because it is one of my favorite movies. I just picked one of my favorite scenes from it. I focused on the analyzing the camera, and it showed me a lot in how deliberately the camera is placed and how much work goes into shooting a film. I recorded my analysis using the voice memos app on my iPhone, and I recorded the scene. Then, I put it into iMovie on my Mac and adjusting things accordingly. Lastly, I uploaded it YouTube. The most difficult part was trying to say what I wanted to say but with the right timing. To solve this problem, I just condensed the sentences of my analysis into shorter and simpler sentences. Other than that, this was not too hard. Overall, I enjoyed doing this, and it taught me a lot. Check out my video essay below.

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