80’s Television Power Half-Hour: Week 1

For our group radio show project, my group started out thinking of doing hit songs from 80’s movies, but then we decided to switch to a different topic because of copyright issues and that sort. We ended up deciding to do analyses of 80’s TV shows. Our plan is that each group member will do an analysis of an 80’s TV show, similar to when we were listening to stories a couple of weeks ago on the DS106 Radio. Therefore, we decided to call our radio show the “80’s Television Power Half-Hour”. So far, I have created a radio bumper and commercial for our show. The radio bumper I created is pretty simple and mentions the name of our radio show. The radio commercial I created is for Jelly Shoes, a prominent fashion item that hit the ground running in the 80’s. For these two items, I have gotten background music from Freesound, and I have laid everything out for each of them using Audacity. Other than trying to find the right 80’s style background music to pair with each of them, these weren’t too hard. The 80’s TV show that I chose to analyze is Full House because I have seen the show, and I am a big fan of the show. I have yet to do my analysis, but I plan to work on that next week. Lastly, I have also created a poster for our radio show using an app on my laptop called SketchBook and an app on my iPhone called Photofox. Overall, I enjoyed creating the material that I created this week four my group’s radio show, and I cannot wait to do my analysis of Full House next week. Check out all of the media I have created this week for my group’s radio show below.

Radio Show Bumper:

Radio Commercial:

Radio Show Poster:

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