The Typewriter

This assignment I did is called The Recursive Camera where you must do the following:

“You’ll need a camera. And you’ll need another frame. Hold the frame in one hand (don’t let you hand cover the side facing you), and take a picture with it in the center of the image. Then step backwards and take another photo just like it. Repeat until you are tired of making art. Nest the images in Prezi inside the frame of the next picture. Now make a zoom path. Record it with video capture software. Add some video editing (you’ll have to use multiple stacks(only so much zoom in Prezi atm) and splice the ends of them together to make it seem contiguous), and you have a trippy video. Make sure you’re telling a story with your images and add voice-over narration where/if appropriate.”

So to relate to the 80s theme, my main object was a typewriter because it relates to the 80s, and I have one that my aunt gave me last Christmas. For my frame, I used my iPhone case because I did not have a second camera to use, so I got creative and came up with that. I quite a few photos of the typewriter through my frame as the instructions say to do. Then, I edited some of the photos using Microsoft Word for the purposes of nesting them in Prezi. Then I recorded my screen of going through the Prezi using Quicktime Player on my Mac. Then, I added a title screen, credits, and my narration of what I turned into a short documentary story on typewriters to the screen recording to create my video using iMovie. Check out my video below.


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