Jelly Shoes Radio Commercial

This assignment I did is one I created called 80’s Product Radio Commercial where you must create a 30-45 second radio commercial for a product from the 80’s and add some background music and/or sound effects to make it sound like a real radio commercial. I created this assignment for the purposes of creating content for my group’s DS106 radio show project. The product I chose to do a commercial for is Jelly Shoes because they were very popular in the 80’s and seemed to have emerged in the 80’s. Therefore, it goes along with the 80’s theme. For the content of the commercial, I mentioned great qualities about Jelly Shoes such as how they are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The difficult part for me was trying to find the right background music with the right vibe to match the vibe of the commercial. So, I ended up using some upbeat synthesizer music from Freesound to give the commercial a positive vibe and to go along with the 80’s theme. Lastly, I laid everything out the way I wanted to using Audacity. Overall, I enjoyed getting to create a radio commercial, and it is something I have never done before, so it was nice to try. Check out my radio commercial below.


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