Apple vs. Samsung

This assignment I did was called A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing where you must pick your favorite company and recreate their logo with their competitor’s logo design. For this assignment, I chose to do Apple because that is my one of my favorite companies. Therefore, that meant that I had to recreate their logo with Samsung’s logo design. However, this was not too difficult since Samsung’s logo is quite basic and simple. To do all of this, I typed out “APPLE” using Word, with a blue outline in a font that I researched to be one of the closest to Samsung’s logo font, but not exact. Then, after doing that, I created a blue oval, sent that to the backs and aligned the text properly in front of the oval as according to Samsung’s logo design. Overall, I enjoyed getting to play around with text, shapes, and so on. Take a look at my new logo for Apple below.

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